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Greetings Humans

2007-11-19 01:30:33 by dyzv0r

Salutations. I am a musician who is looking for animators to work with on any crazy idea. I can write music to fit scenes, people can make a video for one of my songs, or anything in between. I would also love to try making music/effects for a videogame. You can get all of my music at

So far i have put music to one 6 minute film, which i unfortunately lost somewhere, and my music was sampled for one of David Firth's Salad Fingers cartoons. Once i was asked to make a 2 minute 'creepy' recording that would 'build up at the end' for a local band's shows. I have recorded several cds, and play the guitar and the viola. Feel free to email me if you have a project idea.

Stay creative,


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2008-10-10 00:22:42

Yo. I'm using one of your songs in an upcoming flash of mine. It should be out by mid December! I'm a big fan of your stuff!